Henri’s Cheese and Wine Gift Certificates
Henri’s gift certificates are the perfect idea for any occasion!
Henri’s Cheese and Wine is a cheese, specialty grocery, and sandwich shop during the day, and transforms to an energetic wine and beer lounge in the evening. The great local cheese and wine shops, and the local bistros throughout the neighborhoods of Europe inspire the narrative of our concept. We offer artisan cheeses and unique wines, as well as sandwiches, salads, and cold appetizers. Classic French, Italian, and Spanish salad and sandwich recipes, as well as an extensive selection of premium local and international cheeses and meats, serve as menu mainstays. Henri’s offers private wine and cheese tastings, classes, and dinners regularly to introduce our customers to new and interesting wines, cheeses, and local slow food producers. Our design is modern, featuring clean lines, minimal design pieces, natural light, and local art. We do, however, maintain a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, and most importantly, foster the warmth that happens when good people, good food, and good wine have a place to be celebrated together.